How To Create A Newsroom

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A Newsroom is the modern day press kit. These used to be a physical package of information about your company. However with most companies now having an online presence, the new standard is to digitize this information and have it all available in one spot.

A Newsroom helps build social proof, provides SEO benefits, and enables all types of stakeholders to quickly find relevant information.

This Smart Guide will take you though the process of creating a complete newsroom. Specifically, we'll show you:

  • Why Newsrooms And Why They Are Important - building a business kit or newsroom is critical for any modern company who wants to engage their various stakeholders. It's also becoming an expected asset that journalists look for.
  • The Perfect Newsroom - there is yet to be a standard in creating a newsroom, but we're here to help show the way and provide all the most critical elements you should include.
  • Setting-up i-Newsroom - we'll show you how to get setup with your own newsroom in no time using iNewsroom. This is an asset every company should have, just for SEO benefits alone.
  • Getting Noticed - we'll share some proven tactics to help you get more traffic and awareness to your Newsroom.

Setting up a newsroom is incredibly simple and an effective way to generate more leads, press interest and SEO. However, it's an opportunity most companies miss out on. With this Smart Guide, you'll have a complete overview of the process.

  • Introduction

    • What Is A Newsroom?

    • Why A Newsroom?

    • How To Use This Guide

  • The Perfect Newsroom

    • Your Mission

    • Business Facts

    • Social Links

    • Logos And Images

    • Multimedia

    • Testimonials And Quotes

    • Background Information

    • Details On Your Products

    • Head Shots & Bios

    • Press Mentions

    • Contact Information

    • Boilerplate

    • FAQ Sheet

  • Setting Up I-Newsroom

    • Setting Up Your I-Newsroom

    • Setting Up A Subdomain

    • Adding Company Contacts

    • How To Customize Your INewsroom

    • How To Add Your Social Profiles

  • Getting Noticed

    • Create A Press Release

    • Add To Email Signature

    • Add It To Your Site

    • Share And Add To Social Profiles

  • Wrap Up


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Thank you! This guide was helpful and I gained a few good ideas about possibly using a Newsroom as a hybrid "About Us" section.
rated this guide 4 out of 5
Muy interesante
rated this guide 4 out of 5
rated this guide 5 out of 5