How to Send Press Releases via Email

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One of the most effective ways of getting distribution for your press release is through email campaigns. 

This Smart Guide will provide you with a process for identifying the right reporters, reaching out, and developing genuine relationships with them - before, during and after your press campaigns.

Specifically, this guide will help you:

  • Find The Right Reporters - better open, response and publishing rates start with more effective and targeted research. Like everyone else, reporters only have 24 hours in a day and they're looking out for their own interests - so how do you find the right ones for your story?
  • Structure Your Emails Properly - another key to getting a reporter's attention is to structure your emails properly and professionally. We'll share a proven template and tactics for form and timing. 
  • Leverage i-Newswire To Manage Your Campaigns - managing and tracking mass email campaigns and personalized campaigns to reporters can be tricky. But with i-Newswire, you get all the stats and features in one place.
  • Build Better Relationships - we'll share important steps throughout the guide on things to do and consider in order to build better relationships with the writers who cover your story. This will ensure you're creating real relationships that can carry on into the future.

Most companies (unfortunately) adopt the attitude that the press works for them, when really, you should work to align your interests with those of specific reporters. You'll find that following this process will increase your conversion rates significantly. 


  • We've included a reporter and website tracking worksheet to help you build out your ideal contacts list
  • We've also included a proven reach out email template that will help your structure your pitch in a reporter friendly manner.
  • Introduction

    • How To Use This Guide

  • Find The Right Reporters

    • Build A List Of Sites You Want To Be Featured On

    • How To Quickly Build Your List

    • Identify Your Ideal Contact At Each Source

    • Track Your Competitors

    • Use Rapportive

  • How To Structure Your Emails

    • Setting Up An Alias

    • Optimizing Your Subject

    • Creating An Enticing First Line

    • How To Write Emails For Busy People

    • Personalize Your Email

  • Reaching Out With I-Newswire

    • How To Add A Contact To I-Newswire

    • How To Setup An Email Campaign

    • When To Send Your Email Campaign

  • After The Press Release Is Sent

    • Send Them A Thank You When The Piece Is Live

    • Comment And Share Their Work

  • Wrapping Up


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