How to Write a Press Release

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Press releases used to be the only way for companies to get their information to the press. They were only used for "big news" items such as a new launch.

But in today's digital age, there are many tools companies can leverage to communicate their news. A well-written press release  is just one of them, and will also bring your company online visibility if done properly.

This Smart Guide will take you through a proven process for shaping your story, finding your audience and creating a modern press release. We'll provide you with tools, templates and suggest various platforms you can use to get the job done. We'll also help you avoid some of the most common mistakes many companies make when trying to get press.

Specifically, we'll share with you:

  • How To Tell Your Story - this is the "why" behind your business and it's critical to modern consumers. You need to be able to effectively share what makes you different, even in your press release.
  • How To Structure Your Press Release - we'll provide you with a proven press release template and break down all the components into manageable chunks. We'll share some big secrets like how to write a magical headline.
  • How To Optimize Your Press Release For Search Engines - this is something that most people and press platforms don't do at all. We'll take you through an effective keyword research process to ensure that when your press release goes live, it won't just be reporters who will pick it up.
  • Getting Distribution -  after all the hard work and time spent creating your press release, it's now time to get it out there. We'll outline some of the best strategies and platforms to ensure that you're getting in front of reporters and building valuable digital assets.

This Smart Guide contains everything you need to start creating your press release. 


  • We've included over 60 mins of actionable interview footage with i-Newswire co-founder Anthony Santiago.
  • Press Release template
  • Keyword Research Template
  • Introduction

    • How To Use This Guide

    • Using Press Releases

    • Telling Your Story

    • Shaping Your Story

  • How To Structure Your Press Release

    • Formatting Guidelines

    • Writing Style & Tone

    • Headline Magic

    • Supporting Headline   

    • The Lead

    • Quotations

    • Background Information

    • The Boilerplate

    • Keywords

  • How To Optimize Your Press Release For Search Engines

    • Connecting With Your Customers

    • How To Research Keywords

    • Tracking Your Keyword

    • Geo-Targeting

  • Getting Distribution

    • Publishing Via A PR Service

    • Targeting The Right Journalists

    • Publishing Online Via Newsroom

  • Wrapping Up


My situation regarding a Press Release seems rather unique. Rather than trying to "promote" or "sell" anything, my goal is to enable China and India to eliminate all air pollution. Similar for the US and Europe. I am a Retired Christian Minister so I do not want to accumulate any cash from this. This system will eliminate using any fossil fuels and eliminate all accidents, while transporting people and products at 200 mph. The "world needs this".
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Very insightful
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I'm comfortable with business writing, but I've never written a Press Release before. This guide gave me a lot of points to consider. I would have given 5 stars, but there were more than a few typos and grammar issues.
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It helped understand this. Thank you
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Muy interesante.
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A good overview with ideas and formats to follow.
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