Targeting The Right Journalists

Getting distribution comes down to targeting the right journalist and your approach when reaching out to them. As mention, we recommend a particular process to approaching this in a separate Smart Guide you can find here.

So where should you look for the "right journalists", well start with:

  • local press (the area in which the company is based)
  • specialist press (the company's sector)
  • specialist press (read by people who will benefit from the news in the release)
  • consumer press (if there is a more mainstream benefit)
  • national press (if there is significant impact or change)

You need to identify which reporters are most aligned with your interests and which ones have the most to gain (professionally) from publishing your press release.

Most often, companies adopt the attitude that the press is there to serve them, when really, reporters are working to build a career just like we all are. They have interests and passions and what to work on what is of interest to them.